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  • What is Nori? 8 Things to Know About Japanese Seaweed

    What is Nori? 8 Things to Know About Japanese Seaweed

    Although nori has gained international acclaim as a tasty seaweed to wrap your sushi in, there are actually quite a few other types of edible seaweed in Japan! In this article for Japan Objects, I take a look at the different types of seaweed, and how they’re harvested and dried:https://japanobjects.com/features/nori-seaweed

  • The Linguistic Joy of Cooking

    The Linguistic Joy of Cooking

    This is my first ever publication with the Japan Times. It was published in their print edition on Friday August 19, 2022, and covers different linguistic aspects of cooking in Japan. From “中華鍋” to “寝かせる”, here are some of the Japanese words and phrases you might find yourself needing when you open a cookbook. Read…

  • 5 Delicious Hokkaido Foods in Japan

    5 Delicious Hokkaido Foods in Japan

    In Japan, the northern Hokkaido region is known for its culinary prowess. There is so much variety, and it seems that every town has its own delicious specialty. GaijinPot already covered some of the broader basics of Hokkaido, like their great dairy, but these are 5 more specific dishes that you shouldn’t miss if you…

  • Japanese Recipe Adventures: Hiyashi Chuka

    Japanese Recipe Adventures: Hiyashi Chuka

    My boyfriend doesn’t usually make dinner requests, but as soon as summer hits, Hiyashi Chuka is what he asks for. And I gladly comply, because it’s a wonderfully cool dish that doesn’t require much cooking, making it great for those hot summer nights. See the recipe article here:https://blog.gaijinpot.com/japanese-recipe-adventures-hiyashi-chuka/

  • Japanese Recipe Adventures: Goya Chanpuru

    Japanese Recipe Adventures: Goya Chanpuru

    When I first tried Goya in Okinawa, I’ll admit it didn’t grip me straight away. Those bitter flavours are not something my British palette was particularly accustomed to. But after some time went by, I found myself craving the Okinawan dish once more! Here’s my recipe for how to make it, published on GaijinPot:https://blog.gaijinpot.com/japanese-recipe-adventures-goya-chanpuru/

  • Japanese Recipe Adventures: Udon Gyoza

    Japanese Recipe Adventures: Udon Gyoza

    While wondering what else I can do with udon other than sticking it in soup, I came across a peculiar recipe for Udon Gyoza. I’ve adapted the recipe a little and figured out some tricks to make it crispy on the outside and spring in the middle, and have ended up with a carb-o-licious recipe…

  • Where to Buy Good Cheese in Japan

    Where to Buy Good Cheese in Japan

    Good cheese in Japan is hard to come by, which is a right shame because I absolutely love cheese. So I took it upon myself to research the best places to get good cheese in Japan. Read the article here to find out where to do just that!https://blog.gaijinpot.com/where-to-buy-good-cheese-in-japan/

  • Chef Kazuhisa Nakao On His Miyazaki Dining Innovation

    Chef Kazuhisa Nakao On His Miyazaki Dining Innovation

    I interviewed chef Kazuhisa Nakao, former chef to the Japanese Ambassador of Hong Kong. He told me about his time in Hong Kong and Bali, and the challenges he faces running three restaurants under one roof. All images in this article were taken by me. Read the article here:https://www.tokyoweekender.com/2022/05/miyazaki-dining-innovation-chef-kazuhisa-nakao/

  • No-bake Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

    No-bake Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

    After making this simple recipe for my YouTube channel, I gave away the secrets to a quick Japanese “Strawberry Shortcake” on GaijinPot. Read the article here:https://blog.gaijinpot.com/no-bake-strawberry-shortcake-how-to-make-a-japanese-cake-without-an-oven/

  • Bring Japan’s Springtime into Your Kitchen

    Bring Japan’s Springtime into Your Kitchen

    Japan’s love of the seasons doesn’t stop at cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. Here I explain Japan’s spring essential ingredients and some go-to dishes. Many of the images in this article were taken by me. Read the article here:https://allabout-japan.com/en/article/10783/