About My Work

I’m a British freelance writer and content creator based in Japan. Using my creativity, passion for learning, and love of food, I have published interviews, travel stories, and lifestyle pieces about Japan. I often find niches and opportunities where two cultures have crossed over to create something new. You can find my work in many Japanese national publications online.

I have ongoing writing relationships with Tokyo Weekender, GaijinPot, and Live Japan. My work has also been published on All About Japan, Hotels.com, and Digital Nomad Asia.

My Skills

I have always had an interest in a wide variety of subjects, but I often find myself most drawn to more creative ventures.

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After writing and editing the student newspaper at Edinburgh University, I’ve continued to write articles for a variety of publications within Japan. I am always looking to expand my portfolio and challenge myself to new styles and content.

Translation & Transcreation

Having received a first-class degree in Japanese language and culture from the University of Edinburgh, I continue to translate from Japanese to English. However, I have an aversion to direct translations, and always steer towards transcreation with a creative twist.


I’ve had an interest in photography since I was a teen, but until I began travel writing I had never taken it seriously. Now, as well as the creative side, I work hard to use my DSLR to the best of its abilities.

All the photos you see on this website were taken by me.


In 2020 I started a YouTube channel where I shared my own Japanese and European recipes weekly. I have seen how audiences react to different styles and content. Now I am turning to something deeper, so stay tuned.


Ever wanting to keep my creativity, art and design have been my go-to pastime since I was very young. My own style is somewhat scattered, but when given a task I can keep to the style well and work hard to showcase a theme.

All designs you see on this website are my own.

My Job History

Although I have been writing for various websites since I moved to Japan in 2018, it wasn’t until 2021 that I became a full-time freelance writer. Before then, I experienced Japanese and international working environments.

I have previously worked at:

  • Instagram Japan (Meta); Content Curator
  • Live Japan; Editor and Social Media Manager
  • JIS (Subsidiary of Don Quijote Japan, PPIH); Inbound Market Advisor

Each of these jobs gave me different insights into Japanese culture and the international communities within Japan.

Why Japan?

I first found an interest in Japan in high school, when my friends introduced me to Ghibli movies. Although I loved the movies themselves, it wasn’t anime that drew me in, but the language. I had never seen Japanese characters with context before. It was like a code I wanted to crack. I started doing Japanese calligraphy to bolster my resume and get into university to study Japanese, but I ended up continuing the art to this day. Now, I love exploring the country’s secrets and incredibly varied cuisine.