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  • Becoming a Momprenuer with Jo Ebisujima

    Becoming a Momprenuer with Jo Ebisujima

    I interviewed Jo Ebisujima about her time in Japan, and how she came to have a successful business, all the while keeping up her duties as a mum. Jo Ebisujima uses her passion for travel and education to help other working mums just like herself. Read the story here:https://jobsinjapan.com/living-in-japan-guide/becoming-a-momprenuer-with-jo-ebisujima/

  • Owning a Microbrewery in Japan

    Owning a Microbrewery in Japan

    I interviewed Garth Roberts about his journey to setting up his very own microbrewery in Tokyo. It involved some interesting business ventures, including a restaurant in Bali! Find out more about his journey on the Jobs in Japan blog https://jobsinjapan.com/living-in-japan-guide/owning-a-microbrewery-in-japan-with-garth-roberts/

  • Chef Kazuhisa Nakao On His Miyazaki Dining Innovation

    Chef Kazuhisa Nakao On His Miyazaki Dining Innovation

    I interviewed chef Kazuhisa Nakao, former chef to the Japanese Ambassador of Hong Kong. He told me about his time in Hong Kong and Bali, and the challenges he faces running three restaurants under one roof. All images in this article were taken by me. Read the article here:https://www.tokyoweekender.com/2022/05/miyazaki-dining-innovation-chef-kazuhisa-nakao/

  • Interview With Calligraphy Master Koshu

    Interview With Calligraphy Master Koshu

    I interviewed shodo (Japanese calligraphy) master, Koshu, about her journey that resulted in teaching the art in the UK. Koshu has been my calligraphy teacher for 10 years now, and I was moved by how much deeper her story went than I could have imagined. Read the article here:https://www.tokyoweekender.com/2022/03/koshu-calligraphy-master/

  • YouTube Chefs Break Down Japanese Home Cooking

    YouTube Chefs Break Down Japanese Home Cooking

    I interviewed five YouTubers about their experience and advice on Japanese cooking. The interviewees include: Marc Matsumoto from No Recipes Namiko Chen from Just One Cookbook Misa Enomoto, from Misa Enomoto’s Seasonal Japanese Cooking Miwa from Miwa’s Japanese Cooking Takuya Iwamoto from Chef’s Labo Read the article here: https://www.tokyoweekender.com/2022/03/japanese-home-cooking-tips/